Krische Child Development Center

Founded by Father Frank Krische, The Krische Child Development Center of Most Pure Heart of Mary Church is proud to have served the community since 1995. Our primary goal is to provide a nurturing environment for your children with a high-quality program to foster the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of each child. Our program is designed to give each child a positive foundation on which they can build a lifetime of learning. Our Catholic faith is woven into our daily curriculum. 


The goal at KCDC is to help children as they develop into a “whole child." Working on developing their physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social skills as they learn and explore new things. KCDC is a play-based center. Through play children learn the skills they need to help them develop into the “whole child." Children learn cognitive skills at KCDC through interactive circle times as well as during peer and teacher interaction.

Faith Development

As a Catholic school, we want Christ to be a part of every class and classroom. To foster this belief we start teaching the children to build a relationship with God through prayer and learning about God’s great love. Religious instruction is based on Catholic/Christian beliefs, scripture, social justice, the sacraments, prayer/liturgy, Christian values, attitudes, and family lifestyle. Our teachers incorporate these values into their instruction in age-appropriate ways. Our teaching aligns with the Archdiocese of KCK curriculum for preschool age children. Additionally, we provide twice-weekly visits to the atrium so students can experience the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program.